Germany meets Indonesia – International music stars in Hamburg and Kiel thrill audiences with their live performance

Hamburg/Kiel (August 29, 2022) – An exciting line-up of renowned Indonesian and German musicians thrilled hundreds of listeners in northern Germany last week:

Sandhy Sondoro (Jakarta/Berlin) and Yonatan Pandelaki (Kiel), two outstanding Indonesian musicians, teamed up and performed together for the first time at Hamburg’s Knust and then in Kiel at the Bootshafenfesitval.

Singer-songwriter Sandhy Sondoro is known worldwide after winning the International Contest of Young Pop Singer New Wave in 2009. He started his career in Germany and now fills stadiums in Indonesia. Sandhy Sondoro combines soul with jazz and pop and sings both his own songs and cover versions of classics.

Yonatan Pandelaki, a multi-talented musician, is the director of the music school YP Studio Brunswik in Kiel, who has sung in German musicals. He has performed with his rock band Sons & Preachers, which he founded in 2018. Vintage sound paired with a modern approach is their motto. Clear, blues-based rock with lots of funk and soul influences.

Yonatan said, “I was really looking forward to the concerts together with Sandhy Sondoro as a special guest. Sandhy is a great role model for me. Although he has achieved all kinds of things, he is still down to earth.” He continues, “It’s been a crazy but beautiful week.”

In addition to Sons & Preachers, Marc Breitenfelder, Georg Schoreter and Jessy Marten joined the artists on stage in Northern Germany.

Marc Breitfelder has mastered the “Mississippi saxophone” (the harmonica). In June 2016, Marc Breitfelder was awarded the “German Blues Award” as the best harmonica player in Germany.

Georg Schroeter’s fingers glide over the piano keys as if by magic, while at the same time, he knows how to fascinate with his unique blues voice. In September 2013 and 2019, Georg Schroeter was awarded the “German Blues Award” as Germany’s best blues pianist.

Jessy Martens is a Hamburg great in blues-rock music who has been performing regularly for over ten years and has also made a name for herself far beyond the borders of Hamburg.

Claudia Siregar, a native of Hamburg with Indonesian roots and initiator of, a media and marketing platform that is particularly committed to the interests and promotion of Indonesian artists, said:

“After these COVID years, it was really great to bring both exceptional musicians together and see them play together with other renowned and award-winning German musicians from the blues scene. I am thrilled that Sandhy and Yonatan chose the Knust in Hamburg St. Pauli for their first musical encounter. Because of the history of the district for the Indonesian community in Germany and Europe, this musical meeting was extraordinary. At the same time, it is the best performance I could wish for our platform. Music brings people together and builds bridges. In today’s world, this is even more important than ever before. Together with Indonesian artists and musicians, I want to set an example with Indonesian artists and musicians in Germany and across Europe. We are just starting, and who knows where it will lead.”

More than 500 listeners were able to experience this first musical encounter in Hamburg and Kiel and were enthusiastic. Talks are already taking place for performances in other cities in Germany and the Netherlands.

Contact:  Claudia Siregar, welinku 21; Claudia.Siregar(at)

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